Fifth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2014

Fifth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2014 took place from 18 to 20 September at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Center in Moscow.

At the conference, which gathered together more than 280 delegates from dozens of countries, many important issues were discussed: issues related to the current situation in the market of commemorative coins, coin design, production technologies, marketing and advertising of coins.

60 exhibitors took part in the exhibition COINS-2014. Over 3500 visitors attended the exhibition COINS-2014. They obtained a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new technological solutions and design assets which had been used in the production of gold and silver commemorative coins - winners of various nominations of the 8th International Commemorative Coins Contest "Coin Constellation-2014", which were announced on the eve of the opening of the exhibition, 18 September. This year about 260 commemorative coins and 25 coin series from 31 countries, issued from 1 January to 31 December 2013, participated in the competition.

The visitors of the exhibition were able to add their numismatic collections with coins minted by the largest mints of the world. Every guest of COINS-2014 fulfilled a cherished dream of any collector and made a memorable coin-looking token on the historical coining press of Goznak.

Дата съемок: September 18-20, 2014
Место съемок: Moscow
Длительность: 05:38

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