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Contest Committee of the XIII International Commemorative Coins Contest "Coin Constellation-2019"

The contest committee includes the experts from the world famous museums and auctions, representatives of the coins distributing companies, numismatic associations and specialized periodicals on coins from different countries.

Mr. Alexander Kamyshev – Director, Numismatic Expert, «Fels» Auction House (the Kyrgyz Republic) 

Mr. Alexander Kolodkin – Honoured Artist of Russia, International Association «Union of Designers» (Russia) 

Mr. Alexander Kolyzin – candidate of historical sciences, officer and honorary member of the Moscow Numismatic Society (Russia) 

Mr. Boris Yesenkin – Chairman, «Biblio-Globus» Trading House (Russia)

Mr. Guliev Akif Arif oglu – Head of the Numismatics Department, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

Mr. Hans-Henning GoehrumPast President WORLD MONEY FAIR (Germany)

Mr. Henry Nienhuis – President, Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (Canada)

Mr. Hubert Emmerig – Professor, InstitutfürNumismatik und Geldgeschichte Universität Wien (Austria) 

Mr. Igor Shiryakov – Cand. Sc. (History), Head of the Numismatics section, The State History Museum of Russia (Russia)

Mr. Ilya Shtalenkov – Vice-Chairman, Belorussian Numismatic Society (Belarus) 

Mr. Melinda Torbágyi – Director of the Coin Cabinet, Hungarian National Museum (Hungary)

Mr. Mike Walsh – Publisher, Editor and Partner, Trajan Publishing Corporation (Canada)

Mr. Oleg Khitalsky – Editor-in-chief of the Golden Chervonetsmanagine, Editor-in-Chief, Numismatic web portal, (Russia)

Mr. Roberto Ganganelli – Journalist, numismatic expert (Italy)

Mr. Ruben Vardanyan – Head of the numismatics department, Museum of History of Armenia (Armenia) 

Mr. Valery Lebedev Head of Division for Investment and Commemorative coins PJSC  Asian-Pacific Bank. A member of The Bavarian Numismatic Society  (Germany).

Mr. Vitaly Kalinin – Head of the numismatics department, The State Hermitage Museum (Russia) 

Mr. Vytautas Aleksiejūnas – Senior Museologist, Department of History, National Museum of Lithuania; Numismatist, Deputy Chair of Heraldry Commission of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania) 

Ms. Galina Verevochnikova – Chief Specialist of the department of History, Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum (Latvia)

Ms. Kristine Ducmane – Numismatics Department Officer, National Museum of Latvia 

Ms. Natalia Smirnova – Cand. Sc. (History), Deputy Head of the Numismatics Department, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Russia)

Ms. Ramona Umblija Member of Mint Design Commission of the Bank of Latvia, art expert, State Heraldic Committee (Latvia)

Mr. Sergey Kvashnin – President of the Volgo-Vyatskiy Mint, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Full Cavalier of the Order of Karl Fabergé (Russia)

Ms. Tatiana Kolesova – Keeper of the Numismatics, State Museum of History of St. Petersburg (Russia)

The organizer of the Coin Constellation is Russian
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