People's Choice Award 2015

Dear collectors!

The Organizing Committee of the Ninth International Commemorative Coin Contest “Coin Constellation-2015” thanks all the visitors of the portal, who took part in the determination of the best coin by the results of online voting.

This year more than 240 commemorative coins and 23 coin series, issued from 1 January to 31 December 2014, participated in the competition.

According to the results of voting in the portal, the People's Choice Award was given to the coin “Charlie Chaplin – 100 Years of Laughter” represented for the competition and minted by The Perth Mint, Australia.

Commemorative coins of precious metals and annual subscription to the Gold Chervonets Magazine for 2016 were drawn between everybody who participated in the vote.

The following people became owners of commemorative coins:

• Alexey Antipov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

• Sergey Semyonov (Samara, Russia)

• Sergey Zhuravel (Syktyvkar, Russia)

• Philipp Nikolayev (St. Petersburg, Russia)

• Andrey Ryabkov (Moscow, Russia)

The following people became owners of annual subscription to the Gold Chervonets Magazine:

• Mikhail Belyakov (Moscow, Russia)

• Ivan Konishev (Kostanay, Kazakhstan)

• Vitaly Nemogay (Minsk, Belarus)

• Maurizio Meazzi (Italy)

• Keczeli Zoltan (Hungary)

While choosing the best coin visitors of the portal had an opportunity to make comments. The most active commentators have also a prize: they will be receiving the Gold Chervonets Magazine for the whole following year. The winners are Sergey Polyakov (Moscow, Russia), Sergey Serezhenkov (Komarichi village, Bryansk region, Russia).

We congratulate everybody who took part in the competition and who appeared among the winners!

Best regards,
The Organizing Committee of the contest “Coin Constellation”

The organizer of the Coin Constellation is Russian
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