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Coin "50 Years of The Third Programme of the Polish Radio"

50-летие Третьей программы Польского радио

Name 50 Years of The Third Programme of the Polish Radio
Presented by National Bank of Poland
Nominal value 2 zloty
Metal CuAl5Zn5Sn1 alloy
Weight 8,15 g
Diameter 27,00 mm
Thickness 3,10 mm
Mintage 60 000 pcs.
Production quality Standard
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: An image of the Eagle established as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland. On the sides of the Eagle, the notation of the year of issue: 20-12. Below the Eagle, an inscription: ZŁ 2 ZŁ. In the rim, an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (Republic of Poland), preceded and followed by six pearls. The Mint’s mark: M/W under the Eagle, on the right.<br> Reverse: In the centre, against a background of a separated irregularly shaped area with a stylised image of travelling radio waves, a stylised logo of Channel 3 of the Polish Radio. Above, partially covering the logo, an inscription: Trójka/50/LAT (Threesome/50/YEARS). Below, a semicircular inscription: POLSKIE RADIO (Polish Radio). Above and below stylised images of radio waves.<br> On the edge: Alternately, smooth and with regular scallops.
A brief annotation The programmes of Channel 3 of the Polish Radio Trójka [Threesome], as it is often dubbed, are aimed at audiences with sophisticated musical and literary tastes, shaping its listeners’ musical tastes. The music programmes cover almost any genre, including off-mainstream ones. Since the 70s, Trójka has been a veritable centre of artistic life. It promotes young musicians, writers and film makers, in particular debutants. It features top-notch entertainment and humour. The coin’s design is made up of the station logo and graphic recording of the sound wave corresponding to the word "Threesome".
Designer Ewa Tyc-Karpińska (obverse)<br> Dobrochna Surajewska (reverse)
Producer Mint of Poland

Владимир Борисов
Спокойная непринужденная монета, конечно вряд ил станет лучшей, но не плохая
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