Coin "UNESCO The Senado Square"

Площадь Сенадо – ЮНЕСКО

Name UNESCO The Senado Square
Presented by The Singapore Mint
Nominal value 20 patacas
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 28,35 g
Diameter 40,70 mm
Thickness 3,05 mm
Mintage 6000 pcs.
Production quality Proof with colour
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse As a reference to its significance in Chinese culture, the dragon is presented on the obverse in a Chinese calligraphy style. The bold curves of the dragon’s body actually follows the fluid strokes of how the Chinese character for ‘dragon’ is written in calligraphy. The dragon resides in the heavens and this celestial connection is accentuated by the oriental cloud motif on the obverse. The right half is coloured in three vibrant hues, adding a stylistic element which complements the contemporary design of the coin. Clouds add to the auspiciousness of this coin as they represent good luck. Repeated in a continuous pattern, the clouds form a blanket of endless fortune. Reverse Macau’s famous Senado Square, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is depicted on the reverse of the coin. Emanating a convivial atmosphere all year round, this popular tourist hotspot is also where major events and celebrations are held. Neo-classical buildings painted in cheery, pastel colours line the streets, creating a Mediterranean feel. The pavements paved by Portuguese craftsmen with colourful pebbles in a wave-like pattern are a distinct reminder of Macau’s Portuguese heritage. a distinct reminder of Macau’s Portuguese heritage.
A brief annotation Applauded for its unconventional presentation, the new series (2008-2019) of the commemorative lunar coins presents the Chinese Almanac animals with a modern touch on the obverse. On the reverse, a different design is depicted each year to represent Macao – the 12 selected heritage sites of Macao. These 12 selected heritage sites are inscribed in the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Each site is vividly epitomizes the glorious culture and rich heritage of Macao in its own unique way. Traditionally, the dragon is a symbol of nobility, a sacred emblem used solely by the Emperor. Powerful and heroic, it is also seen as a protector, warding off evil spirits.
Designer The Singapore Mint
Producer The Singapore Mint

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Золотая конечно интереснее, но серебрянная имеет свои плюсы
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