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Coin "500-th anniversary of Armenian book printing"

500-летие армянского книгопечатания

Name 500-th anniversary of Armenian book printing
Presented by Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Nominal value 1000 dram
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 33,6 g
Diameter 40,0 mm
Thickness 3,20 mm
Mintage 500 pcs.
Production quality Proof, pad printing
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: logo of “Yerevan 2012 Worldwide Capital of the Book”, nominal value and year of issue; along the rim - inscription “CENTRAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA” in Armenian. Reverse: graphical picture of one of the Venice sights, ex-libris (the book mark) of the first Armenian printer – Hakob Meghapart, depictions of “Urbatagirq” (Friday book) and a picture “Patient visit” taken from it. Along the rim - inscription “Urbatagirq”, “500-th Anniversary of Armenian Book Printing” and issue year of the first Armenian book “1512”.
A brief annotation The coin is dedicated to the 500-th anniversary of Armenian book printing. In 1512 in Venice Hakob Meghapart initiated issue of the first Armenian book. Six Armenian books were printed at Meghapart’s printing-works. During 16-th century 17 Armenian books were printed in Venice, Constantinople, Rome and Amsterdam. Later Armenian printing-works were founded in Lvov, Milan, Paris, New Julfa (Isfahan), Leipzig and other cities of the world. The first printing-house in Armenia was founded in Vagharshapat in 1771. Creation of printing-houses promoted development of science and culture and played a vital role in preserving national identity of Armenians. The events under “Yerevan 2012 Worldwide Capital of the Book” united writers, publishers, librarians, bibliophiles and booksellers from all over the world. Cultural events included organization of book exhibitions, international fairs, contests (best work of literature, best book poster, etc.), programs (“Book Gifting Day”, etc.), seminars, film premieres.
Designer Vardan Vardanyan
Producer Royal Dutch Mint

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