Coin "Riga Technical University"

Рижский технический университет

Name Riga Technical University
Presented by Bank of Latvia
Nominal value 1 lats
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 26,00 g
Diameter 32,00 x 32,00 mm (a square formed of two detachable triangles)
Thickness 2,9 mm
Mintage 3 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof, with gilded elements and latent images
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: the upper triangle is designed as a protractor, with the inscription LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA semi-circled in the centre. The longer side of the lower triangle features a calibrated ruler, with the inscription 1 Lats underneath. Reverse: the inscription RĪGAS TEHNISKĀ UNIVERSITĀTE (Riga Technical University) on the background of Riga panoramic view in relief (upper triangle). Gilded elements of the logo (coat of arms) of the Riga Technical University, on the background of the reflection of Riga panoramic view in straight, relief lines which become visible at a particular angle of viewing (lower triangle). Depending on the angle of viewing, the years 1862 and 2012 become visible on the lower vertex.
A brief annotation On 14.10.2012 Riga Technical University (former Riga Polytechnic Institute – RPI) celebrated its 150th Anniversary. Many outstanding researchers were educated and worked there, among them chemist Vilhelms Ostvalds (the only Nobel Prize winning chemist of Baltic origin) and Pauls Valdens (chemist and rector of the RPI, seven-time Nobel Prize nominee). The coin has been designed as a small yet practically employable tool, which enables the measurements of size, direction and source of origin. Modern coinage technologies have been of particular importance for the emergence of this coin.
Designer Kristaps Ģelzis (graphic design)
Producer Mint of Finland

Владимир Борисов
Латыши молодцы. Оригинально сделали.
Нравится. Очень хорошо выдержана тема. Такую монетку с другой не спутаешь.
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