Coin "Baikonur"


Name Baikonur
Presented by National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nominal value 500 tenge
Metal Silver 925°, tantalum
Weight 41,4 g (silver - 14,6 g, tantalum - 26,8 g)
Diameter 38,61 mm
Mintage 5 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse A bicolor (compound) circle-shaped coin is consisted of a ring and a disk. The inner disk is made of tantalum; the external ring is made of silver. Averse: a composition of starry sky and two human figures as symbol of unity of man and the Universe; face value “500 tenge” and weight with metal of the coin “Ag 925 14.6 gr. and Ta 26.8 gr.”, trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint, year of coinage in the left sector; inscription “Republic of Kazakhstan” in Kazakh and English along circumference. Reverse: images of orbits of satellites compounding the outline of shanyrak, which is interpreted in nomads’ world as the window to the space opened for all mankind by Baikonur space centre; inscription “Baikonur” in Kazakh, Russian and English along the circumference.
A brief annotation The space centre "Baikonur" is the first and the largest one in the world, located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It covers an area of 6717 sq. km. The first satellite and the first human flight to space were launched from "Baikonur". Also there were launched manned spacecrafts of series "East", "Sunrise", "Soyuz", the space stations of series "Salute", "Peace" and the multiuse system "Energy"-"Buran", as well as interplanetary spacecrafts and satellites. More than a half of the world's spacecrafts were sent from "Baikonur".
Designer Designers: V. Ivzhenko, A. Bassenov Sculptor: V. Ivzhenko, A. Zolotukhin
Producer Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Владимир Борисов
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