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Coin "150 Years of the National Museum in Warsaw"

150-летие Национального музея в Варшаве

Name 150 Years of the National Museum in Warsaw
Presented by National Bank of Poland, Mint of Poland
Nominal value 10 zloty
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 14,14 g
Diameter 32,00 mm
Thickness 3,10 mm
Mintage 45 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: An image of the Eagle established as the emblem of the Republic of Poland. Below, inscription: 10 ZŁ. Along the rim, inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA 2012 (Republic of Poland 2012), preceded and followed by dots. Underneath the Eagle, on the right, the Mint’s mark: M/W. Reverse: Top left, a stylised image of Egyptian god Anubis, represented as a dog. Below, inscription: 1862-2012. Along the rim, in a separated area, inscription: 150 LAT MUZEUM NARODOWEGO W WARSZAWIE (150 years of the National Museum/in Warsaw).
A brief annotation The National Museum in Warsaw houses items of Polish culture from various epochs, and of European painting, what makes a rich and comprehensive panorama of art history from the Antiquity to date. Successively expanded by donations or purchases, the collection consists of approx. 830 thousand pieces of Polish as well as foreign art. The collection of numismatic items is one of the 7 richest collections in the world. The Galleries of Medieval Art, of the 20th&21st centuries, of Ancient Art and the Faras Gallery, has been rearranged, and the new galleries show common legacy of human civilization.
Designer Ewa Tyc-Karpińska
Producer Mint of Poland

Владимир Борисов
Собачка только выделяется на всей монете, остальное вторично.
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