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Sixth jury of the international competition Coin Constellation-2012

The contest jury includes the experts from the world famous museums and auctions, representatives of the distributing companies, numismatic associations and specialized periodicals about coins from different countries.

Mr. Alan Marks - Marketing Manager,Downies (Australia)

Mr. Alexander Kamyshev – Director, Numismatic Expert,«Fels» Auction House (the Kyrgyz Republic)

Mr. Alexander Shapiro Member of the Board,Association of the Numismatists of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Mr. Boris Yesenkin Chairman,Biblio-Globus Trading House (Russia)

Mr. Bruno Collin, Numismatic Journalist(France)

Mr. Francois Blanchett - Editor-in-chief,Monnaie Magazine (France)

Ms. Galina Verevochnikova Chief Specialist of the department of History,Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum (Latvia)

Dr. Hubert EmmerigProfessor,Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte Universität
Wien (Austria)

Mr. Igor Shiryakov Head of the Numismatics section,The State History Museum of Russia (Russia)

Mr. Ilya Shtalenkov Vice-Chairman,Belorussian Numismatic Society (Belarus)

Mr. John Mussel Editor,Token Publishing (UK)

Mr. Luis Carlos Montemayor President,Numismatic Society of Monterrey (Mexico)

Ms. Maria Klysh - Editor-in-chief, InterCrim-press Publishing House (Russia)

Mr. Maxim Khitren, Head of the Retail Business Department,Conros Auction House (Russia)

Mr. Micholas Mikhelbertas Numismatic Expert,University of Vilnius (Lithuania)

Mr. Michael Becker Secretary,FENAP/Generalsekretariat (Germany)

Mr. Mikhail Asvarisch - Keeper of the Precious Metals of the Fund of Numismatics,State Russian Museum (Russia)

Ms. Muriel Eymery - Director of International Business Development,Professional Coin Grading Service (France)

Ms. Natalia Ipatova Editor-in-chief of the Golden Chervonets managine,Water Mark Publishing House (Russia)

Mr. Oliver Jungherr General Manager,Numiscom (Germany)

Mr. Olivier Fournier President,Les amis del Euro (France)

Mr. Paul Berry - Chief Curator of the National Currency Collection,Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada (Canada)

Mr. Peter Loboda Director,Odessa Numismatics Museum (Ukraine)

Dr. Richard Doty - Assistant Curator,Smiithsonian Institution (USA)

Mr. Robert Lehmann Coins Expert,Money Trend (Germany)

Dr. Roberto Ganganelli Editor,Editoriale Olimpia S.p.A. (Italy)

Mr. Ruben Vardanyan - Head of the numismatics department,Museum of History of Armenia (Armenia)

Mr. Sergey Ramzov Chief Specialist,Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)

Mr. Stanislovas Sajauskas Numismatics Department Officer, Professor,National Museum of Arts named after Churlionis (Lithuania)

Mr. Suren Simonyan Vice President by philately,Armenian Academy of Philately and Numismatics (Armenia)

Mr. Scott Tappa Publisher,Krause Publications (USA)

Ms. Tatiana Balueva - correspondent, the Gold Chervonets Magazine,Water Mark Publishing House (Russia)

Mr. Tomáš Kleisner Curator,National Museun Prague (Czech Republic)

Dr. Ursula Kampmann Editor,CoinsWeekly, Germany

Ms. Ute Wartenberg Kagan - Executive Director,American Numismatic Society (USA)

Mr. Valery Lebedev, Senior trader of the Directorate of the Operations with Precious Metals,Bank of Moscow (Russia)

Mr. Vitaly Kalinin Head of the numismatics department,The State Hermitage Museum (Russia)

Mr. Vladimir Markin Director,Almaty City Collectors’ Society Old Center Ltd (Kazakhstan)

Ms. Yulia Danilenko Expert on modern coins(Russia)

Ms. Zinaida Zrazyuk Chief of the Numismatic Department,National Museum of History of Ukraine (Ukraine)
The organizer of the Coin Constellation is Russian
Publishing House Water Mark

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