Coin "National Day Parade"

Национальный День Парада

Name National Day Parade
Presented by The Singapore Mint
Nominal value 5 singapore dollars
Metal Silver 999°
Thickness 3,3
Mintage 5000
Production quality Proof, colour coin
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: the coat of arms of Singapore is featured in the obverse. Using elements from the National flag, the lion symbolizes the current state and the tiger honours its cultural links with Malaysia. Reverse: in commemoration of 46 years of nation-building, The Singapore Mint had issued the 2011 Singapore 46 Years of Independence Commemorative Coins. The coin design draws inspiration from the National Day Parade (NDP) 2011 theme “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”. The official NDP 2011 logo is printed in colour at the upper centre of the coin. A mosaic formation of Singapore coastline and this year NDP tagline “The Singapore Spirit” are depicted at the bottom half of the coin. The mosaic formation represents performers on the floating platform (venue for NDP 2011) holding coloured cards. People joining in the celebrations are represented by the six human figures. To portray the NDP 2011 venue surroundings, the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre is featured on the left of the coin while the newly opened Helix Bridge is on the right.
A brief annotation This coin issue is to commemorate Singapore`s 46 years of Nation building. It is to capture the essence of the Singapore spirit, the pride and passion Singaporeans have for their home. This is the time where all Singaporeans come together, NDP is the ultimate celebration of the nation they have built as one. The vivid colours of the coin celebrate the pulsating and energetic city life that we are all familiar with. Despite a lack of natural resources, Singapore has proven its tenacity and ability to rise above based on its human capital alone. Our most valuable resource – people – is given full honours as the main focus on the coin. Depicted in a burst of colours, Singaporeans reach for the stars in a spirited and united jump. A single act conveys so many emotions: Our togetherness as we leap in celebration of our nation`s journey and successes; the progressive attitude of Singaporeans and their inspiration and drive to attain their goals. Burning flames signify the passion burning in the hearts of the people. Taking a closer look, you realise that they carry a deeper meaning. With the stars as their heads, the stylised flames actually resemble five human figures with one hand pointing upwards. Each figure represents the values that all Singaporeans hold dear, democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.
Designer All design by the Singapore Mint
Producer The Singapore Mint

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