Coin "Issyk Chieftain"

Иссыкский вождь

Name Issyk Chieftain
Presented by National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nominal value 500 tenge
Metal Silver 928°
Mintage 5000
Production quality Proof, gold plating
Description of obverse and reverse The coin has a shape of octahedron. Obverse: in the center - face value “500 ТЕҢГЕ”, image of winged horses with horns of the ibex which was an element of the head-dress; emblem of National Bank of Kazakhstan; name of issuing authority in Kazakh “ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ” and in English “NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN”, elements of national ornament in the corners of the octahedron, logo of the Kazakhstan Mint on the upper part, metal of the coin “Ag 925”, weight “31,1 gr.” and year of coinage “2011” on the lower part. Reverse: a gilded image of the model of “Golden Man”, name of the coin along the circumference in Kazakh “ЕСІК КӨСЕМІ” and in English “ISSYK CHIEFTAIN”, elements of national ornament in the corners of the octahedron; images of plates in the shape ounce on the sides of the octahedron.
A brief annotation The treasures of the Issyk burial mound, including the mastercopy of “Golden Man”, are exhibited in the Kazakh archeological museum. “Golden Man” on the winged panther became on of the national symbols of Kazakhstan. Copies of the Sakh warrior are erected in many Kazakh cities; one of them crowns the Independence Monument on the main square of Alamaty. On the standard of the Kazakhstan president there is a figure of a young chieftain of the Sakh epoch riding a winged panther.
Designer Artists: Ivzhenko V.P.; Basenov А.G. Sculptor: Ivzhenko V.P., Zolotukhin A.P.
Producer Kazakhstan Mint of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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