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Coin "The 200th Anniversary of establishment of the Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna"

200-летие основания Конгрегации мхитаристов в Вене

Name The 200th Anniversary of establishment of the Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna
Presented by Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Nominal value 1000 dram
Metal Silver 925°
Thickness 3,2
Mintage 500
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: a bookstand in the building of Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna and a special certificate given by empress Mary-Teresa on 30 May, 1775 certifying the religious rank of the Congregation; along the rim - inscription “CENTRAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA” in Armenian; on the left side - the year of issue “2011”; in the right lower part - the nominal value “1000 DRAM”. Reverse: the main entrance to the building of the Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna and the logo of Congregation; in the center - a vertical inscription “Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna”; on the right – inscription “200th anniversary”.
A brief annotation The Mechitarists Congregation is a religious and cultural congregation of monks of the Armenian Catholic Church in Venice and Vienna. The Congregation was founded by Mechitar of Sebaste in 1701 in Constantinople with the purpose of expanding spiritual, educational, scientific and cultural activities. In 1717 the Congregation settled down in St. Lazarus Island near Venice. Then a separate group of congregants departed and in 1811 settled down in Vienna. The Mechitarists Congregation in Vienna established educational institutions in Constantinople, Izmir, Trieste and other cities and launched wide-scale activities ranging from development of Armenian history to linguistics and translation. Nowadays both branches of the Mechitarists Congregation collaborate with each other and have close ties with scientists from Armenia.
Designer Eduard Kurghinyan
Producer Royal Dutch Mint

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