Coin "Protecting the Baltic Sea"

Защита Балтийского моря

Name Protecting the Baltic Sea
Presented by Mint of Finland
Nominal value 20 Euro
Metal Silver 925°
Thickness 3,3
Mintage 7000
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The design reflects the cycle of life. The artwork is simple and fresh - it conveys a young person’s fresh outlook on life. The coin’s obverse side shows how people use the Baltic Sea while the reverse side speaks of the importance of the sea to nature. The coin encapsulates the message of protecting the Baltic Sea in a way that appeals to one’s feelings. The expression in the coin is brave and fresh and conveys a genuine concern and a common responsibility, but also joy for the Baltic Sea.
A brief annotation The organic Protecting the Baltic Sea collector coin is made by using recycled silver. The Baltic Sea coin has a heart. The coin celebrates the sea that has many faces and passes the message from one generation to another of what is important to us. Mint of Finland’s 2011 ethical collector coin commemorates the world’s second largest brackish-water basin - the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea’s vulnerability is owed to its fundamental features: it is a low, cold, brackish inland sea. Human-induced eutrophication endangers marine species and threatens the livelihoods and recreational activities throughout the Baltic Sea. The problems of the sea are a concern for all countries in the region.
Designer The design for the ethical collector coin was chosen by public vote from a selection of entries from high-school students. Essi Kulju, who was a second-year student of the arts at Kajaani senior high school, created a design that won an overwhelming major
Producer Mint of Finland

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