Coin "Polotsk. Hanseatic League"

Полоцк. Ганзейский союз

Name Polotsk. Hanseatic League
Presented by National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Nominal value 20 belorussian rubles
Metal Silver 925°
Mintage 7000
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse On the upper part of the obverse – the inscription along the rim on the ribbon: “HANSA”; below it on the right - the image of a merchant sailing boat depicted on the background of a stylized map with trade routes; on the right of it – the image of a trident – an attribute of the Roman god of the sea Neptune (Greek Poseidon) and a caduceus – the attribute of the Roman god of merchandise Mercury (Greek Hermes); on the left of the coin - the relief image of the State emblem of the Republic of Belarus, along the rim of the Emblem – inscription: “РЭСПУБЛІКА БЕЛАРУСЬ” and the year of issue; at the bottom of the coin – a face value “20 RUBLEЎ”, the alloy and the trade mark of the Mint of Poland. On the reverse at the top - a circle inscription: “ПОЛАЦК”; in the center against the background of reenactment of an ancient city – the image of a trade scene at the town market, on the left – a relief image of the Emblem of the town.
A brief annotation Hanseatic League – a commercial and political alliance of cities and guilds of the Northern Europe in XIII - XVII centuries that protected trade interests of its members on the territory from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. At different times this union included more than 200 European cities from 10 states. In 1980 in Holland the 700 anniversary of the founding of the Hanseatic League was celebrated, in the same year in a Dutch town of Zwolle the Hanseatic League was re-established. At the present time the Hanseatic League unites 170 cities from 15 European countries.
Designer Danuta Suraevska (Poland)
Producer Mint of Poland

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