Coin "Turandot"


Name Turandot
Presented by The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Nominal value 28,28
Metal 38,61
Diameter 5000
Thickness Uncirculated, the coin is oxidized with an inset (zircon)
Mintage Obverse — The relief image of the National Emblem of the Republic of Belarus is on the top, in the center on the background of the night sky there is an image of a boy and a girl sitting on turned half-moon and holding an opened book. The year of mintage is indicated below. There are inscriptions along the rim: on the top — «РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ» (Republic of Belarus), on the bottom — «ДВАЦЦАЦЬ РУБЛЁЎ» (20 Roubles). Reverse — In the centre of the obverse there is an image of the main fairy taile heroine — Princess Turandot on the background of the stylized curtain which represents Turandot’s miracles and mysteries, the tree of life is on the background of the terrestrial globe. On the left there is an image of Adria Lion, on top to the right there is a round inset made of bright orange zircon which represents the sun, one more mystery of Turandot. On the right the fairy palace is depicted, on the top there is an inscription «ТУРАНДОТ» (Turandot), placed on the background of the Chinese folding fan.
Description of obverse and reverse Svetlana Nekrasova
A brief annotation Mint of Poland

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