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Coin "Voyager Golden Record"

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Золотая пластинка «Вояджера»

Name Voyager Golden Record
Presented by Power Coin (Italy)
Nominal value 2 dollars
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 15,57 g
Diameter 50 mm
Mintage 500 pcs
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The reverse of the coin depicts the symbols in light relief, printed with white. The background is partially coloured. The surface of the coin has grooves on record in light relief. 

The obverse of the coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II” - the name of the Queen, “2 DOLLARS” - the face value, “COOK ISLANDS” - the issuing country and “2020” - the year of issue, “THE SOUNDS OF THE EARTH” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “PLANET EARTH”, “SIDE 1” – the inscriptions from the original Voyager Golden Record.
A brief annotation The coin is a reproduction of the real gramophone record inserted into the two space probes of the Voyager program, launched in 1977. The basic idea is to tell something about us to the aliens who might intercept the probes. A concise portrait of human civilization was loaded onto the gold disc with a collection of natural sounds, such as the sound of wind and thunder or the sounds of whales; a selection of 90 pieces of music from every era and culture, plus a series of warm and friendly greetings in 55 different languages. The record has created history in the world past, present and will do so in the future, as well.
Designer Antonello Galletta
Producer B.H. Mayer (Germany). Project idea and Technology by Power Coin (Italy). Project Managed by CIT (Coin Invest Trust)

Надежда Веренько
Один из кандидатов на победу. Интересное решение, сочетание цветов хорошо подобрано. Здорово!
Дмитрий Дорохин
очень оригинальная монета!Понравилась
самая оригинальная монета на конкурсе ... а давайте за нее голосовать , что бы она стала победителем в разделе " зрительских симпатий "  , она этого заслужила .
Дмитрий Дорохин
Мой фаворит!
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