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Coin "In Memory of the Romanov Family"

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Памяти семьи Романовых

Name In Memory of the Romanov Family
Presented by Mint of Poland
Nominal value 1 000 CFA francs
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 28,35
Diameter 50,00
Mintage 918
Production quality Proof, Inset: pearl
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse depicts the Church on Blood in Yekaterinburg, built on the site of the Ipatiev House where the execution of the imperial family took place. Next to it – monument to Tsar Nicholas II and his family located in front of the church. 

The coin’s reverse features the portrait of the Imperial Family imprinted on the coin’s surface with the use of colorful digital printing. Starting from the left side, we cans see the Duchess Maria, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexey, Duchesses Tatiana and Olga, Tsar Nicholas II and Duchess Anastasia. The portrait is infringed by an elegant ornament containing two coats of arms of Russia and a pearl.
A brief annotation On 17 July 1918, the last ruler of the House of Romanov Nicholas II was killed in Yekaterinburg with his entire family. Why did he have to die? After the outbreak of the February Revolution it became clear that the tsar and his loved ones could not be sure about their future. 

The truth about their murder, which shocked the entire world, should never have been revealed. In consequence, many years had passed until the Tsar and his relatives became depicted on the Orthodox icons.
Designer Aneta Możejewska
Producer Mint of Poland

Jacek Forfa
Daniel Strukiel
Very nice coin
Трагическая история одной семьи ...Однако монета здоровски получилась .
Дмитрий Дорохин
очень красивая!Может и победить!
Алексей Антипов
Монета красивая.. Девчонок жалко безумно и Алексея..и Боткина.
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