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Coin "Constellation Egg"

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Яйцо Фаберже «Созвездие»

Name Constellation Egg
Presented by Mint of Poland
Nominal value 2 dollars
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 56,56
Diameter 41,60 × 55,60
Mintage 999
Production quality Proof, oval, engraved cobalt glass insert, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: in the central part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by an ornament. Below it – mint mark: m/w and horizontal inscription: «ELIZABETH II». Along the rim – inscriptions: «NIUE» (issuer), «2 DOLLARS» (face value), «2018» (year of issue), «Ag 999» (hallmark). In the bottom part of the coin – open Fabergé egg revealing a surprise. 

Reverse: in the central part of the coin – engraved cobalt glass insert stylized for the surface of the Constellation Egg. In the background – decorative surface: Zodiac signs. In the upper part of the coin – name of the series: «IMPERIAL/Fabergé Eggs».
A brief annotation For over one hundred years the Fabergé Eggs have been a symbol of extravagance and sheer luxury. Devoted to the masterpieces of goldsmithing created by Peter Carl Fabergé, our exquisite silver coins eternalize their beauty with unprecedented rendering of details. 

Carl Fabergé couldn’t anticipate that the Constellation Egg would be his last masterpiece designed for the emperor Nicholas II. This outstanding Easter gift was intended to mark the birth of Tsarevich Alexei. The jewel was made of engraved cobalt glass featuring the constellation of Leo – the Zodiac sign of the heir to the Russian throne.
Designer Maria Kamińska
Producer Mint of Poland

Daniel Strukiel
Beautiful and elegant
Kamila Bidzinska
Sophisticated design, I like it very much!
Почему бы за старания и оригинальность не поставить 8 баллов .. да и иностранцам понравилось . :D
Дмитрий Дорохин
очень красивая!Может и победить!
Надежда Веренько
С удовольствием ставлю высокую оценку - отличное сочетание, потрясающая авторская работа.
Алексей Антипов
Овал не люблю. Но здесь Фаберже
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