Coin "Mother Earth"

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Name Mother Earth
Presented by Royal Canadian Mint
Nominal value 20 dollars
Metal Silver 999,9°
Weight 31,39
Diameter 38
Thickness 3,3
Mintage 7000
Production quality Selectively Painted
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The reverse design by Canadian artist Alexandra Lefort features a 3D droplet with an inset image of Earth, conveying the importance of water to all life on this planet. The space around the water droplet brings the design’s focus to Canada, and the diverse fauna and flora that live there on land, in the sky, and in the water. The lower left section of the design represents the terrestrial environment with a Red Fox gazing at the water droplet. Above the fox is a red-headed Woodpecker on a western flowering Dogwood tree that flows upwards and around the top of the coin to an American kestrel that represents the aerial environment. Below, an Orca breaches over the waves (aquatic environment) with mountains in the background.
A brief annotation Whether an animal lives on land, dances among the waves, or soars high in the sky, it is dependent upon Mother Earth and the precious water she provides. For a nation like Canada, with endless lakes, rivers, wetlands and streams, it can be easy to take such an aquatic bounty for granted. It is a precious gift that must be respected and protected. We are all one great family interwoven in the web of life. And Earth is our Mother. But she is nothing without life-giving water.
Designer Alexandra Lefort
Producer Royal Canadian Mint

Дмитрий Дорохин
Супер!Капля вообще очень интересно смотрится!Земля-очень реалистично,как будто отражение в настоящей капельке.
Сергей Журавель
Капля - хорошая идея.
Алексей Антипов
Идея-5. Номинал и эмитент прописаны настолько незаметно, что монета превращается в медаль.
Монета о хрупкости и неповторимости природы , удачное  художественное решение ..
Нина Фарафонова
Интересная идея с каплей. Оригинально и художественно, и технически.
Виталий Кирилов
Хочу такую)
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