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Coin "The 450th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Orel city"

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450-летие основания г. Орла

Name The 450th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Orel city
Presented by Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)
Nominal value 3 rubles
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 33,94
Diameter 39,00
Thickness 3,30
Mintage 3000
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse: on the mirror field of the disc – the relief image of the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, over it – the semicircular inscription along the rim: «РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ» (RUSSIAN FEDERATION), framed on both sides by doubled rhombuses, below under the coat of arms: to the left – indications of the precious metal and its fineness, to the right – the fine metal content and the mint trade mark, on bottom in the centre in three lines – the inscription: «БАНК РОССИИ» (BANK OF RUSSIA), the denomination of the coin: «3 РУБЛЯ» (3 RUBLES), the year of issue: «2016 г.» (2016). The reverse: on the mirror field of the disk – the relief images of view of the city from the side of the Alexander bridge across the river Orlik and view of the Assumption (Archangel Michael) Cathedral, above in two lines – the inscription: «ОРЁЛ осн. в 1566 г.» (OREL, founded in 1566).
A brief annotation The city of Oryol is the administrative center of the Oryol region and is also its industrial, financial, scientific and cultural capital. The city is located on the Central Uplands in the European side of Russia, on both sides of the Oka River and its tributary - the Orlik River. Oryol was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree. By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dd. April 27, 2007 No. 560, the city was awarded the honorary title “A City of Military Glory”.
Designer The artists: E.V. Kramskaya (obverse), A.D. Schablykin (reverse). The sculptor: A.A. Dolgopolova (obverse, reverse).
Producer Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)

Дмитрий Дорохин
Отличная монета!наши памятники архитектуры на монетах смотрятся не хуже чем вживую!очень реалистично.
Сергей Журавель
Очень хорошо!
Алексей Антипов
Хорошая монета. Хорошая серия.
Фотографическая достоверность .......
Сергей Маринин
В порту даже атомный ледокол можно рассмотреть.
Валентин Мурашкин
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