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Coin "Meteorite "Chateaurenard" "

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Метеорит «Шаторенар»

Name Meteorite "Chateaurenard"
Presented by Numiscom GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Nominal value 1000 francs CFA
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 28,35
Diameter 38,61
Thickness 3
Mintage 750
Production quality Pad Printing, Meteorite fragment, Antique Finish
Description of obverse and reverse On the obverse of the coin is the coat of arms of Burkina Faso. On the upper part of the coin is a semicircular inscription - "REPUBLIQUE DU BURKINA FASO". In the lower part, also in a semicircle, the face value - "1000 FRANCS CFA" is shown on two lines. The reverse of the coin depicts a colorful scene of the fall of the meteorite which flies over the city. In the upper part is a semicircular inscription - "CHÂTEAU-RENARD". In the lower part, also in a semicircle, is written - "FRANCE", "1841-2016", "1 OZ AG 999".
A brief annotation On June 12, 1841, in Châteaurenard (France) a meteorite fell to earth. This news was immediately covered by leading scientific journals and the media. For example, the American "Observer" published the following eyewitness testimony: "About two o'clock in the afternoon there was suddenly a deafening explosion. It was so powerful and sounded as though it was a simultaneous salvo of several guns. Its echo even reached the castle. In the place where it landed, one large meteorite weighing about 30 pounds was discovered, as well as its several smaller fragments.
Designer Idea by Oliver Jungherr, Design by Vanessa Wulf, Realisation by Nina Kaminski
Producer Numiscom GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)/ MCI

Дмитрий Дорохин
Очень реалистичное небо и комета!Отличный космический экземпляр!
Сергей Журавель
Ещё один метеорит. Неплохо.
Удачное сочетание цвета , рельефа ..очень натуралистично получилось ..
Алексей Антипов
Какой уже по счету метеорит? Монета хорошая
Дмитрий Дорохин
Античная отделка дорого смотрится!
Валентин Мурашкин
купил бы себе
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