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Coin "Imperial Оrb and Scepter (special edition)"

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Императорский скипетр и держава (в специальном исполнении)

Name Imperial Оrb and Scepter (special edition)
Presented by Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia), Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Nominal value 25 rubles
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 169,00
Diameter 60,00
Thickness 6,60
Mintage 150
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse: on the mirror field of the disc – the relief image of the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, over it – the semicircular inscription along the rim: "РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ" (RUSSIAN FEDERATION), framed on both sides by doubled rhombuses, below under the coat of arms: to the left – indications of the precious metal and its fineness, to the right – the fine metal content and the mint trade mark, at the bottom in the centre, in three lines – the inscription: "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA), the denomination of the coin: "25 РУБЛЕЙ" (25 RUBLES), the year of issue: "2016 г." (2016). The reverse: in the centre of the disc – against a background of the traditional Russian ornament elements the gold plated images of the Imperial Regalia – the Scepter and the Orb, containing color element, above along the rim – the inscription: "АЛМАЗНЫЙ ФОНД РОССИИ" (DIAMOND FUND OF RUSSIA).
A brief annotation Unique exhibits of the Diamond Fund of Russia include seven world-famous gems. These are three diamonds and four gems with rich and unusual history. The largest and most famous of them is the diamond "Orlov" decorated the scepter of Catherine II in 1774. The diamond was found in India at the end of 17th and early 18th centuries, and after processing, the mass of the stone was 189.62 carats. The diamond was purchased in Amsterdam from a Persian merchant by a court jeweler, I. Lazarev. According to one version, the stone was bought from Lazarev by the Count G.G. Orlov and was presented to Catherine II in 1773. The collection of the Diamond Fund also contains the orb made for the coronation of Catherine II by the court jeweler Georg Friedrich Eckardt. The orb is a smoothly polished golden ball, bound with diamond belts. A Ceylon sapphire weighing 195 carats crowns the orb under a cross.
Designer The artists: E.V. Kramskaya (obverse), A.D. Schablykin (reverse). The sculptors: A.A. Dolgopolova (obverse), A.D. Schablykin (reverse).
Producer Saint Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia)

Роман Власенков
Очередная красивая монета РФ
Дмитрий Дорохин
Очень понравилась!Гознак-явно прогрессирует и радует очень качественными монетами!
Сергей Журавель
Не так эффектно, как корона, но весьма неплохо.
Удачное продолжение серии ..........
Алексей Антипов
Тираж 150. А комментарии как по короне.
Мария Лотарева
Интересная идея. Красивая монета.
Алексей Моисеев
Отлично!Бесподобно!Монета хороша конечно!
Валентин Мурашкин
красивая корона
Дмитрий Дорохин
Короны не вижу...Вижу державу и скипетр)))
Дмитрий Дорохин
Позолота вообще к месту и обогащает монету...Хотя она и так стоит не мало!150 экз.
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