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Coin "225th Anniversary – U.S. Marshals Service"

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225 лет Службе федеральных маршалов

Name 225th Anniversary – U.S. Marshals Service
Presented by The Organizing Committee of Coin Constellation-2016
Nominal value ½ dollars
Metal Copper-Nickel
Weight 11,340 g
Diameter 30,61 mm
Mintage 1,5 millions pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse depicts a female figure symbolizing justice. She holds scales in her left hand and a marshal badge – in her right hand. In the lower part of the coin there are images of a railroad and items which could have any US Marshal – a copy of the Constitution, a pile of books, handcuffs, a flask of whiskey. The reverse design contains the inscriptions – «UNITED STATES OF AMERICA», «E PLURIBUS UNUM» and «HALF DOLLAR». On the left of the reverse there is a figure of a federal marshal of the Wild West times (with a horse and a Winchester rifle), on the right there is a woman – a modern federal marshal. The reverse design contains the inscriptions – «LIBERTY», «1789 - 2014», «IN GOD WE TRUST» and "2015".
A brief annotation United States Marshals Service is a division of the Ministry of Justice of the United States, formed in September 24, 1789. The tasks of the Service are to ensure the activities of the federal courts, control of execution of judgments and decisions, search, seizure and supervision of federal offenders, auction sale of confiscated property, the fight against terrorism and riots. Each federal marshal is appointed by a President with further approval by the Senate for four-year term.
Producer United States Mint

Григорий Малеев
Очень нагромождена монета элементами
Николай Тютин
А по мне красота! Хороша!
Вера Ефремкина
Такие монеты хочется разглядывать...
Григорий Малеев пишет:
Очень нагромождена монета элементами
Полностью согласен , пытались впихнуть  невпихуемое ...в результате получилось , то что получилось и это прискорбно друзья .
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