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Coin "Astérix and the Values of the Republic"

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Астерикс и Ценности Республики

Name Astérix and the Values of the Republic
Presented by Monnaie de Paris
Nominal value 500 euro
Metal Gold 999°
Weight 9 g
Diameter 29 mm
Mintage 25 000 pcs.
Description of obverse and reverse Astérix and Obélix are ardent supporters of LIBERTY, and use their resourcefulness and energy to fight any form of oppression. EQUALITY is a value that is very important in the series, whether in the village or between men and women. As the adventure progresses, the Gauls meet various peoples of Europe: The Swiss, The Normans, or the Hispanic… Those meetings are an expression of FRATERNITY. PEACE is a fragile and highly valuable value, always very difficult to reach. The olive branch is a representative symbol of this value. Another allegory of this value is the final banquet that always takes place at the end of the albums. All these values are brought together; they keep their own importance, and form an entity, under the Republic’s protection.
A brief annotation The Values of the Republic series started in 2013, it embodies the values coming from our history and that are today universal. After Sempé in 2014, the duo formed by Uderzo-Goscinny illustrates them.
Designer Monnaie de Paris’ Workshop
Producer Monnaie de Paris

Григорий Малеев
Достоинство этой монеты наверно лишь в том что это 9 грамм золота 999 пробы
Вообще ни о чем , о достоинствах какого то шрифта ?
Надежда Веренько
Необычная авторская задумка. Этим и обращает на себя внимание.
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