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Coin "The 155th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia"

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155-летие Банка России

Name The 155th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia
Presented by Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia), Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Nominal value 1 000 rubles
Metal Gold 999°
Weight 156,40 g
Diameter 50,00 mm
Thickness 5,70 mm
Mintage 155 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse: in the centre – the emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, under it – the semicircular inscription "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA)] framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim – on top: "ОДНА ТЫСЯЧА РУБЛЕЙ" (ONE THOUSAND RUBLES), below: to the left – indications of the precious metal and its fineness, in the centre – the year of issue "2015 г." (2015), to the right – the fine metal content and the mint trade mark. The reverse: in the lower part of the disc – the relief image of the facade of the building in Saint Petersburg where the State Bank of Russian Empire was situated in the second half of XIX – in the beginning of XX century, over it to the right – the allegoric image of a clockwork, some gears of which performed in appearance of coins, to the left on the mirror section of the field – six semicircular lines of microtext, along the rim – inscriptions, below: "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA), to the right: "ОСНОВАН В 1860 ГОДУ" (FOUNDED IN 1860).
A brief annotation The Central Bank of the Russian Federation started its history from the establishment of the State Bank of Russia in 1860. In the early stages of formation and development of the central banking institution of Russia, the functions of formation and regulation of banking and credit sphere dominated in its activity. The activities of the State Bank of Russia and created by it banking system had a great influence on the development of the Russian economy and contributed to the world leading position of Russia to the beginning of the twentieth century.
Designer The artist: A.D. Schablykin. The sculptor: A.I. Molostov
Producer Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)

Николай Тютин
Еще одна красота, но эта не по карману.
Григорий Малеев
Еще одна только уже золото
Монета на предыдущую тему , однако изображение монет пораритетней  ;)  , поэтому возможно и в золоте ...Но не каждый нумизмат любитель ее потянет ..
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