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Coin "Snowflake Bears – Polar Bear"

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Снежинка и медведь – Полярный мишка

Name Snowflake Bears – Polar Bear
Presented by Treasures of Oz Pty Ltd (Australia)
Nominal value 1 new zealand dollar (Tokelau)
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 31,1 g
Diameter 38,61 mm
Mintage 1 500 pcs.
Production quality Proof with Filigree Silver Insert
Description of obverse and reverse Flip the coin over to the observe side, and the filigree snowflake appears here as well, along with the relief images of Queen Elizabeth II, the Tokelau monarch and the Tokelau national badge. You’ll also notice that this coin, in addition to being a unique masterpiece in design, is legal tender in Tokelau. You will be delighted with the image on the reverse side of the coin. In the background of this silver coin stands a pristine blue and white glacier, indicative of the polar bear’s homeland. To the forefront, you’ll see a playful polar bear, with one massive raised paw, reaching up to capture a uniquely designed snowflake. This is not just any snowflake, but an intricately crafted filigree snowflake surrounding by its own edge within the coin. Look closely, and you can almost see the ice crystals in each arm of the frosty star.
A brief annotation Capture the beauty and playful nature of three of the world's most distinctive bears in their natural habitat with this trilogy 'Snowflake Bears' collection. Bears are powerful totems that symbolize nurturing and playful characteristics. Recognised for its strength, the bear teaches us qualities that build a strong foundation of character. From the bear’s hibernation we learn to take quiet time and rest: from the bear’s ability to stand on two legs when threatened, we learn to take action; and the bear’s spirit teaches us to allow time for caring for those close to us. The bear is most celebrated for strength and confidence, and the Snowflake Bears coin series depicts the three most renowned bears in the world - the Polar Bear, Brown Bear and the Giant Panda. The polar bears symbolizes introspection, rebirth and perseverance, you will want to persevere in continuing your silver coin collection.
Designer Treasures of Oz Pty Ltd (Australia)
Producer B.H. Mayer (Germany)

Николай Тютин
Филигрань? Чтож отличная идея! Почему бы нет? Идея что-либо вставить в монету еще живет. Хотя метеориты и кости динозавров - вот это было КРУТЬ! Хотя уголь с Титаника я тоже оценил.
Григорий Малеев
Холодная , " кристаллическая  " ледяная монета  в северных тонах  ...
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