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Coin "The Dance Screen (The Scream Too)"

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Танец экрана

Name The Dance Screen (The Scream Too)
Presented by Royal Canadian Mint
Nominal value 500 dollars
Metal Silver 999,9°
Weight 5000 g
Diameter 180 mm
Thickness 20,4 mm
Mintage 100 pcs.
Production quality Each coin is fashioned from a single pour of pure molten silver that weighs an astounding 5 kg
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The Dance Screen (The Scream Too) is devoted to the Wild Salmon of the Pacific NorthWest Coast whose numbers have diminished significantly in recent years. The work brings together key figures of the Haida, all of whom depend on the Salmon for their survival. These characters blend together in a single whole, shouting for viewers to consider the plight and importance of the wild salmon. Beaver and Raven – Haida story tells of Raven stealing a lake filled with salmon, this venerable fish, from the Beaver People who were hoarding them. On Hart’s piece, the Beaver’s hollering face emerges from the left side of the image as the wily Raven peeks across the screen at him from a safe distance. Mother Bear and Cubs – The screen centers on the large Mother Bear whose life depends so distinctly on the Salmon. Just beneath her large open mouth, her two cubs flank the doorway of the screen; they have taken on human form – a common Haida motif. Their open mouths shout about the plight of the Salmon, amplified by raised hands. Eagle and Frogs – Above the Mother Bear, with claws emerging through her ears, is an Eagle with Frogs in its ears. Eagle with outstretched wings has the ability to fly so high as to reach the upperworld. Frogs symbolize both good fortune and the ability to cross between our world and the underworld. Orcas – A male and a female Orca are positioned on the outside of each Bear Cub, their tall dorsal fins rising along each side of the Mother Bear’s face. From a face in their blowholes, which represent the spirit of the whale, they shout about the fate of the Salmon. Salmon and Salmon People – The entire work is framed by the Salmon itself in both its human and animal forms. Carved directly into the perimeter are the faces of twelve Salmon People, each outlined with a frame of shimmering abalone shell inlay. Between each of these faces are two blue glittering carved salmons. The Shaman – The Shaman presides before the piece to maintain order, to heal, and to perform rituals that ensure continuity. This Shaman ensures that the Salmon shall return. He is also a figure of the Artist himself, informing people about the Salmon’s fate.
A brief annotation The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to present the 5-kg 99.99% pure silver coin featuring images from the sculpture The Dance Screen (The Scream Too) by James Hart, one of the most accomplished and renowned artists. By renowned Haida master carver and Eagle Clan Chief James Hart (7idnasuu), this astonishing sculpture is truly one-of-a-kind, both in the context of Haida art and in the broader context of art production—making it an especially apt subject for a unique large-format coin.
Designer James Hart
Producer Royal Canadian Mint

Марина Благинина
Необычная монета!
Николай Тютин
Да, для Канады это необычно. ЗАЧЁТ!
Григорий Малеев
тематика у Канады не туда пошла
Надежда Веренько
Стильная классическая серебряная монета, достойная быть отмеченной наградой.
Крассава , но вес в 5 кг .... Ну для кого их делают ?
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