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Coin "Geometry in Art – The Loon"

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Геометрия в искусстве – Гага

Name Geometry in Art – The Loon
Presented by Royal Canadian Mint
Nominal value 20 dollars
Metal Silver 999,9°
Weight 31,83 g
Diameter 40 mm
Thickness 2,98 mm
Mintage 7500 pcs.
Production quality Pad printing over engraving
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse features the present effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The reverse design by Canadian artist Calder Moore features a stylized portrait of two common loons in a pristine, natural setting that speaks of the majesty of Canada’s wilderness! Geometry, technology and art intersect as the entirety of the image is presented in a low poly art style, bringing together multiple polygon shapes in this depiction of an adult loon and its offspring. Each polygon is made distinct from the other through extraordinary sculpting, cutting-edge technology and advanced finishing techniques, while the application of bold colour adds vibrancy and alters our perception of dimension and light. The careful selection of each colour gives the cloudless summer sky its dazzling cerulean tone, making it the perfect backdrop for the towering white and grey peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains – all beautifully recreated using the hard lines and edges that are characteristic of low poly art. In the foreground, the adult loon is a picture of grace and elegance as it calmly floats on the surface of a blue lake, surrounded by the tranquility of an evergreen forest that is rich with detail and colour. Underwater, the young loon demonstrates the species’ remarkable diving abilities as it uses its webbed feet to propel it forward like a torpedo, its beak quickly closing in on the small fish that will provide it with a well-earned aquatic feast.
A brief annotation As digital artists seek to recreate the physical world through dimensional images, modelling techniques based on geometric shapes have given way to a new visual style: low poly art. This eye-catching five-coin series utilizes this art style to present a contemporary and highly artistic interpretation of Canada’s most famous icons, including one of its most beloved bird species: the common loon (Gavia immer). For artists who have embraced the low poly art style of the video game industry, the careful use of colour is just as important as the positioning of each polygon. Utilizing a flat shading technique, each polygon is individually coloured in a way that differentiates it from adjacent polygons. While the effect reinforces the geometric nature of the composition, this deliberate use of interconnected tints, shades and tones also adds an impressive sense of depth and volume to the overall design. Look closely at the grouped polygons within a shape and you’ll notice the playful contrast between dark and light variations within the same colour family; not only does this visual element recreate light and shadows, it also adds a subtle softness to the smooth lines and sharp edges in a way that allows you to look past the individual shapes and truly appreciate the stunning artistic merit of the design as a whole.
Designer Calder Moore
Producer Royal Canadian Mint

Николай Тютин
Вот эти эксперименты с голографическими призматическими изображениями - сомнительны. Не самые удачные монеты Королевского монетного двора Канады.
Григорий Малеев
Знакомая тематика от Канады, можно сказать что не новая и уже обычная
Вспомнилась девушка кристалл - мутант из фильма "  люди х " вот теперь черпают вдохновения авторы монет ...Монета так себе ..
Надежда Веренько
Необычный дизайн, и, действительно, цвета дополняют друг друга, а не контрастируют, Эффект реальности: если смотреть долго на изображение, то кажется, что птица сейчас выплывет за рамки монеты.
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