Coin "Bustard"

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Name Bustard
Presented by The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
Nominal value 10 som
Metal Silver 925°/ Gold 999°
Weight 28,28 g
Diameter 38,60 mm
Thickness 2,7 mm
Mintage 3 000 pcs.
Production quality Uncirculated, oxidation, local gilding
Description of obverse and reverse The foreground of the front of the coin shows a relief image of a bustard, which, for giving a special expressive view to the image, is made with an oxidation technology. The flora around the bird had gilded. The upper part of the coin shows the denomination, while the lower part displays the name of the coin “Toodak” in the Kyrgyz language and the Latin name of the species "Otis tarda". The back of the coin depicts the stylized images of the fauna of Kyrgyzstan, including the bustard itself, the name of the series "Kyrgyzstandyn Kyzyl Kitebi", the emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic and the year of issue of the coin.
A brief annotation Within Kyrgyzstan bustards, inhabit the foothills and valleys of the mountains. Currently, due to human activity – hunting, use of agricultural machinery, landscape modification, bustards need special protection and, therefore, are included in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan. The Red Book of the Kyrgyzstan contains the national endangered species.
Designer Murat Sagimbaev
Producer Kazakhstan Mint

Григорий Малеев
Прослеживается в этих монетах почерк автора, не зависимо от тематики рисунка
Ну что сказать , молодец Сагимбаев Мурат Курманбекович , будем ждать новых удачных монет от этого автора .
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