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Coin "Zodiac Coins - Pisces"

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Знаки зодиака - Рыбы

Name Zodiac Coins - Pisces
Presented by International Coin House AG
Nominal value 10 denars (Republic of Macedonia)
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 21 g
Diameter 35 x 45 mm
Mintage 5000 pcs.
Production quality Proof with 24ct gold printing and cobalt glass insert
Description of obverse and reverse On the obverse there is a decorative composition being a symbol of time, based on Sun, Moon and stars that surround a sand watch. The Sun is painted in gold on a round, blue cobalt glass insert (being installed throughout the coin). At the top of the coin there is the Republic of Macedonia coat of arms. Along the perimeter there are, on the sides, the symbols of 8 planets of the Solar system that, apart from Sun and Moon, influence the Zodiac signs (Mercure, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uran, Neptune, Pluton). Also along the perimeter there are inscriptions: «Republic of Macedonia» and «10 Denars» in the Macedonian language as well as the year of issue «2015» and the hallmark «Ag925». On the left hand side of the reverse there is an image of two fishes being directed in opposite directions. On the right hand side there is an ornament composed from nenuphars that surrounds cobalt glass insert with a Pisces constellation painted on it. At the bottom, along the perimeter, the Pisces Zodiac sign name in Latin together with the Pisces symbol printed on a nenuphar’s leaf. Chosen elements of the relief (including fins and scales, Pisces symbol and flower’s centers) are gold painted.
A brief annotation Successful artistic concept – using a cobalt glass insert throughout the coin – allows to present on the reverse a star constellation on a blue sky background, and at the same time on the obverse – the Sun on the sky. On the obverse, the cobalt glass insert with printed Sun forms at the same time a border of a sand watch. The transparency of the cobalt glass insert allows a special effect on each side of the coin.
Designer International Coin House AG
Producer Lithuanian Mint

Отличная понимаешь работа в столь избитой тематике . Монета на редкость выглядит свежо и самодостаточно . Спасибо .
Григорий Малеев
Сложно сказать по этой монете. Нужно посмотреть еще хотя бы одну монету из этой серии
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