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Coin "Discover Poland - Bydgoszcz Canal"

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Открой для себя Польшу - Быдгощский канал

Name Discover Poland - Bydgoszcz Canal
Presented by Narodowy Bank Polski
Nominal value 5 zloty
Metal Ring: MN25, core: CuAl6Ni2
Weight 6,54 g
Diameter 24,00 mm
Thickness 2,00 mm
Mintage First issue up to 1, 500,000, next up to 1. 200,000
Production quality Standard, starting from the third issue - edge (side): irregularly milled; on the side an inscription: “NBP”, repeated eight times, every second one inverted by 180°, separated by stars.
Description of obverse and reverse The image of the obverse is the same for the each theme of the series and presents: In the centre, on a separate surface in the shape of a circle, the image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland. Below the Eagle, in a semi-circle, the notation of the year of issue: 2014. Along the rim, on a separate surface, at the top, a semicircular inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA; at the bottom, a semicircular inscription: 5 ZŁOTYCH, preceded and followed by a dot. Below the Eagle, on the right, the Mint mark: M/W. On the reverse sides (except the first theme) images of famous monuments and symbols from different regions of Poland are presented.
A brief annotation Narodowy Bank Polski has been issuing 5 zł coins with commemorative images for general circulation since 2014 (In this year there have been two issues). The coins have the same technical parameters as coins with the face value of 5 zł, which have been in general circulation since 1995. Every year there are two issues in the series “Discover Poland”, and in total – 17 themes have been scheduled. Coins of this series issued in 2015 are devoted to Bydgoszcz Canal (issued in May) and Poznań Town Hall ( issued in November). The future coins of the series will also commemorate monuments and symbols of certain Polish regions.
Designer Dobrochna Surajewska
Producer Mint of Poland

Сергей Журавель
Серия "Открой для себя Польшу", честно говоря, разочаровала. Жаль, что был прекращён выпуск 2-злотовых монет. Многие из них намного интереснее, чем новые 5-злотовики.
НЕ интересно ...:-(
Григорий Малеев
Нечего особо сказать, не вижу в ней оригинальности
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