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Coin "400th Anniversary of El Greco"

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400-летие Эль Греко

Name 400th Anniversary of El Greco
Presented by Royal Spanish Mint
Nominal value 30 euro
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 18 g
Diameter 33 mm
Mintage 2 000 000 pcs.
Production quality Brilliant Uncirculated The quadruple latent image in the coin shows the figures for the years that mark this commemoration, 1614 and 2014, and two different images of a paintbrush. Any one of the four possible motifs included in the quadruple latent image can be viewed by a slight alteration of the viewing angle.
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse portrays the overlapping likenesses of Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. The reverse reproduces a scene from the canvas “The Knight with His Hand on His Breast” painted by Domenicos Theotocopoulos, El Greco. The painting is housed in the National Prado Museum in Madrid. The coin exhibits a rectangle on the right that reveals concurrently, in quadruple latent image, a paintbrush, the date 1614, a brushstroke and the date 2014.
A brief annotation El Greco, born Doménikos Theotokópoulos (1541 – 7 April 1614), was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. After living in Italy for some time, where he enriched his style with elements of Mannerism and of the Venetian Renaissance, he moved to Toledo, Spain, where he lived and worked until his death. In Toledo, El Greco received several major commissions and produced his best-known paintings. El Greco's dramatic and expressionistic style was met with puzzlement by his contemporaries but found appreciation in the 20th century. El Greco is regarded as a precursor of both Expressionism and Cubism.
Designer Royal Spanish Mint
Producer Royal Spanish Mint

Иван Конышев
Десятка моя оценка!!!!  Думаю, это не так просто с технической точки зрения сделать, чтобы на одной монете возможно увидеть 4 символа, которые сменяют друг друга! Молодцы испанцы!
Сергей Сереженков
Если рассуждать об упадке дизайна евро монет , то да , монета смотрится реальным шедевром . Тираж в 2 000 000 шт. , так же радует . Однако в монетном созвездии нужно  выбрать ШЕДЕВР монетного искусства ,  стиль и технологии которого возможно будут воплощаться в дальнейших дизайнерских разработках , а этого в данной монете я не обнаружил . Увы , твердая 5 .
Григорий Малеев
В этой монете мне нравится только использованная технология, дизайн не очень
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