Coin "Baccarat"

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Name Baccarat
Presented by Monnaie de Paris
Nominal value 5 000 euro
Metal Gold 999°
Weight 1000 g
Diameter 85 mm
Mintage 29 pcs.
Production quality Proof Finish, Red Cristal octagon inserted on the coin.
Description of obverse and reverse The obverse of the coin presents the pattern of the Tsarina’s pedestal table’s tray. This table was ordered to Baccarat by Tsar Alexander II for his wife, Tsarina Marie Alexandrovna. It is part of a series composed of a pedestal table, a fountain and a candelabra. The RF symbol is placed in the centre of the coin; it is a reproduction of the republican monogram used on the presidency of the French Republic’s Baccarat service.  The reverse emphasizes the know-how: on the background, the pattern represents the design of the glass created for Tsar Nicholas II (Alexander II’s grandson), and the rich drawing of its foot. A blower drawn in a contemporary way forms a glass that appears in hollow on the coin. The face value is inscribed on this unit, using a real red crystal octagon as one of the 0 figures.
A brief annotation In order to pay tribute to know-how and to highlight crystal art, the Baccarat series is enriched by this exclusive 1 kg of pure gold coin in which we can find the harmony of shapes, the elegance of the lines and richness of patterns of the Baccarat creations. The aesthetic accomplishment and technique of this coin contains the spirit of alchemy, with crystal meeting metal. This coin constitutes an artistic prowess, obtained thanks to Monnaie de Paris’ master-engraver. The fineness of the patterns is magnificently rendered during striking carried out in the precious metal workshop. The prestigious artworks of the crystal manufacture bring the final touch, making the octagonal red crystal cabochon on the reverse of the coin. The master glass artist have also molded a large crystal clear octagon with a slot on its side that can receive the coin. It magnifies the gold details through diffraction of its multiple facets.
Designer Monnaie de Paris Engraving Workshop
Producer Monnaie de Paris

Екатерина Кузьмина
Красота!!! :)  :)  :)
Иван Конышев
Какие все же красивые монеты сейчас создают!!! 10 из 10!! Килограмм нумизматического счастья!!!!
Сергей Сереженков
Всегда удивляли однотипные монеты выпущенные в разных металлах , дизайн формально не изменился , как и моя оценка данного творчества .
Григорий Малеев
1000 г. ну для кого вы делаете? Нам обычным людям только в музей ходить на них смотреть
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