Coin "Carolus IIII"

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Карл IV

Name Carolus IIII
Presented by Casa de Moneda de México
Nominal value 100 pesos
Metal Silver 925°, copper 0,075 (center) Aluminum bronze 92Cu6Al2Ni (ring)
Weight 33,967 g
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3,55 mm
Mintage 8000 pcs.
Production quality Proof-like
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: The National Emblem is represented by an Eagle devouring a snake, perched on a cactus nestled on an island. This is a sign for the land, given by the god Huitzilopochtli as promise to the Aztecs on their long pilgrimage through the center of Mesoamerica. The main image is surrounded by a wreath of red oak and laurel, and the legend “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS”. Reverse: At the center, the image of the obverse of a Carlos IIII Virreinal Coin, 8 Reales, bust type, coined in Mexico City, with British Guiana Overprint, in the upper field parallel to the frame the legend “HERENCIA NUMISMÁTICA DE MEXICO”, in the left side the mint symbol (ceca) of Casa de Moneda de Mexico, in the right side the emission year; in the exergue the “$” sign continuing the number “100”; a pearl beading surrounds the frame of the coin.
A brief annotation During the XVIII and XIX centuries, the Caribbean colonies used foreign currency, in order to satisfy their need of circulating. One group of this pieces that had more acceptation were the Mexicans; which was validating with stamped countermarks by the colonials authorities. This exemplary bears the countermark of the British Guiana, consisting of a circular bore and an awl with the new value of three Guilders (3G.L).
Designer Casa de Moneda de México
Producer Casa de Moneda de México

Сергей Сереженков
Сглазил , всего 8000 шт , а монета хороша . В отличном качестве исполнения  монета посвященная монетарной системе Америки .
Иван Конышев
Очень красиво! Серебро в меди - интересное решение) 8 из 10 балов!
Сергей Малашенко
Очень красивые монеты с удовольствием собираю данную тему
Григорий Малеев
Интересное сочетание металлов в одной монете. Сложно даже определить ее стоимость
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