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Coin "The Coin of the Seasons"

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Времена года

Name The Coin of the Seasons
Presented by Bank of Latvia
Nominal value 5 euro
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 22,0 g
Diameter 35,0 mm
Thickness 2,65 mm
Mintage 10 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: the Sun surrounded by the images of four farm labourers in an activity typical for each season: a woodcutter (winter), a sowing man (spring), a crop harvester (summer), and a thresher (autumn); the ancient names of season-concluding months (the Candle Month, the Leaf Month, the Rye Month and the Frost Month). Reverse: a potato with straws stuck into it (a traditional interior decoration of ancient Latvians) surrounded by the images representing the Latvian seasonal traditions: Father Christmas, a girl swinging at Easter, a Midsummer celebrant, and mummers who roamed farmsteads from Martinmas to Shrovetide; the names of ancient seasonal celebrations: CHRISTMAS, SHROVETIDE, EASTER, ŪSIŅI, JĀŅI, MĀRAS, MIĶEĻI and MARTINMAS.
A brief annotation The Earth, our vast and only home, is full of rhythms: constant alternation of the four seasons; a change of darkness and light during solstices and the festivals of Jāņi, Martinmas, Christmas, Shrovetide and Easter, etc. The change of seasons is reflected in Latvian ethnography and folklore. The old Latvian names for the twelve months of the year are but one example: there is Winter Month, followed by Candle Month, Snow Crust or Dove Month, Tree Sap Month, Leaf or Sowing Month, Blossom Month, Hay or Linden Month, Rye or Reaping Month, Forest Month, Dead Souls' or Autumn Month, Frost Month and Wolves Month.
Designer Arvīds Priedīte (graphical design) Ligita Franckeviča (plaster model)
Producer Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (the Netherlands)

Марина Благинина
Сергей Сереженков
Оригинальная трактовка  коловрата , солярного символа ,
Иван Конышев
Неординарная монета Латвии!  Очень симпатизирует
Григорий Малеев
Слишком загружена монета, слишком много маленьких деталей, в таком случае надо было ее сделать больших размеров
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