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Coin "Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead - Triassic – life in the water"

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Триасовый период – жизнь в воде

Name Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead - Triassic – life in the water
Presented by Münze Österreich AG – Austrian Mint
Nominal value 20 euro
Metal Silver 900°
Weight 20,00 g
Diameter 34,00 mm
Thickness 2,5 mm
Mintage 50000 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse This first coin in the series features the Triassic period. The main focal point of the obverse is a live interpretation of an extinct type of a cephalopod, looking somewhat like a nautilus shell, with its front tentacle-like appendages extending beneath the face value of 20 euros. The cephalopod is also featured in a fossilized form (located in the History museum in Vienna) just a bit lower and to the left of the live interpretation. The obverse also includes the country of issue, «Republik Oesterreich», the year of issue 2013 and the face value of 20 euros. This side of the coin was designed by Mint engraver Helmut Andexlinger. The reverse side of the coin was designed and engraved by fellow mint engraver Herbert Waehner. An ichthyosaurus (looking somewhat like a modern-day dolphin) is depicted in the upper half of this side. In its long and narrow jaws is an ammonite. Below the ichthyosaurus swims a nothosauras. Both animals lived in the seas during the middle and upper Triassic period in what would today be the Mediterranean Sea. The depth perception of the coin is cleverly enhanced by the engraver who integrated a great variety of flora that seem to be moving in the water around these two creatures.
A brief annotation «Prehistoric Life, Back from the Dead - The Adventure Begins» Triassic to Quaternary, a New Silver Coin series. With first time app to discover even more. The Austrian Mint will introduce an exciting new five-coin series on rehistoric Life, featuring the dinosaurs and early life in the water, on land, and in the air of middle western Europe from the Triassic to the Quaternary period. Exciting new packaging will accompany this coin. A collector case, in which all the individual coin certificates can also be housed. In addition it will be accompanied by a older with thorough scientific background on the series. As well an exciting new app developed together with the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Simply download it for free to your smart phone or tablet.
Designer Helmut Andexlinger (the obverse), Herbert Wähner (the reverse).
Producer Münze Österreich AG – Austrian Mint

Познавательна монета.
Александр Воропаев
Повторюсь. Очень интересная монета.
Николай Чудин
 для любителей динозавров отличная монета!
Дмитрий Максимов
Необычные существа жили на земле.
Владимир Борисов
купил бы)
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