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Coin "Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Boleslaw I the Brave"

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Сокровища короля Станислава Августа – Болеслава I Храброго

Name Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Boleslaw I the Brave
Presented by Mint of Poland
Nominal value 50 zloty
Metal Silver 999°
Weight 62,20 g
Diameter 45,00 mm
Mintage 5000 pcs.
Production quality High relief
Description of obverse and reverse On the obverse there is a short biography of the King, as follows: «The first in Poland to be decorated with a royal crown, he, as the victor, delimited the borders of the state on the Elba, the Dnieper and the Ossa. Died in 1025 Anno Domini, aged 58, in the 33rd year of reign, on the 3rd day of April». At the bottom – an eagle from the coat of arms of the Republic of Poland and the year of issue: «2013». Along the rim – the face value (50 zł) and an inscription «RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA» (Republic of Poland). The reverse depicts a profile portrait of Boleslaw I the Brave and an inscription in Latin: «BOLESLAUS DICTUS CHROBRY SIVE STRENUUS».
A brief annotation The coin of the series which replicates the famous 18th century collection of medals with the images of the kings of Poland. Bolesław I was a Duke of Poland and the first King of Poland. He was a remarkable politician, strategist, statesman and a powerful mediator in European affairs. He turned Poland into a country that was not only comparable to older western monarchies, but also elevated it into the European elite. Bolesław conducted successful military campaigns in the west, south and east. He consolidated the Polish lands and conquered territories outside of modern borders of Poland.
Designer Robert Kotowicz
Producer Mint of Poland

Стиль мне нравится.
Александр Воропаев
Двухунцовой монете с высоким рельефом - УРА!
Николай Чудин
думаю полякам эта монета очень интересна будет
Дмитрий Максимов
Монета в золотом исполнении выглядит достойнее.
Владимир Борисов
да, золото лучше смотрится)
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