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Coin "Great Canadian Artist- Emily Carr’s, Tsatsisnukomi, B.C, 1912"

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Великая канадская художница – Эмили Карр

Name Great Canadian Artist- Emily Carr’s, Tsatsisnukomi, B.C, 1912
Presented by Royal Canadian Mint
Nominal value 500 dollar
Metal Silver 999,9°
Weight 5,000 g
Diameter 180 mm
Thickness 3,47 mm
Mintage 100 pcs.
Production quality Proof
Description of obverse and reverse A giant 7 inches in diameter, this coin featuring Emily Carr’s masterful totem applies advanced engraving and finishing techniques to bring Carr’s work to life in astounding texture and detail. The beautifully frosted obverse a hosts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The central image is framed by an outer band designed to mimic the cross-sectional grain of a cedar log, a material prominently used in creating totem poles. On the reverse, the central image of a mystical bird figure has been engraved at increased depth so that it seems to rise from the coin. Behind this central image, our engravers have employed exceptional frosting to capture the beautiful shading and delicate detail from Carr’s vivid original.
A brief annotation Emily Carr has visited many places and aboriginal villages These trips had an artistic resonance for Carr, who is famous for her depictions of native villages and artefacts—many of which have helped to preserve images of a way of life that was changing. Her objective was to evoke not the literal image of the trees but their spiritual significance. The result is a mythos of the Pacific wilderness that is uniquely Carr’s own. Carr came to be recognized by the National Gallery of Canada and the Group of Seven. Carr was 57 when her extraordinary body of work finally reached national stature.
Designer Emily Carr
Producer Royal Canadian Mint

Григорий Малеев
Дизайн аверса наконец то преобразился. Стоило добавить вокруг портрета Елизаветы II задний фок, так сразу аверс стал выглядеть по симпатичней. Реверс очень хорош. Нужно обязательно, хотя бы не большой приз от оргкомитета вручить Эмили.
Мне понравился аверс. Портрет британской королевы впервые на столь необычно прорисованном фоне (в виде дерева).
Александр Воропаев
5 кило, да 180 мм диаметр. Тираж в 100 шт. Вся композиция впечатлила, и Елизавета II - оригинальна, и реверс - удался. Девять.
Николай Чудин
за аверс,  Королевский монетный двор Канады должен премию  дать Эмили
Дмитрий Максимов
Впечатляет и размер монеты, и портрет королевы, ну и, конечно, прорисовка птицы.
Владимир Борисов
нравится сама идея больше, чем воплощение
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