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Coin "Great Kyrgyz Khaganate"

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Великий Кыргызский каганат

Name Great Kyrgyz Khaganate
Presented by National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
Nominal value 10 som
Metal Silver 925°
Weight 28,28 g
Diameter 38,60 mm
Mintage 2 000 pcs.
Production quality Proof, gilding
Description of obverse and reverse Obverse: the main element of the obverse is golden Tamga – the symbol and amulet of the Kyrgyz people, which was mentioned in the Chinese annals in VII c. In the background there is a stylized map of a primary Kyrgyz territory. In the upper part there is an inscription made in Orkhon-Yenisey Runic script which means «Kyrgyz state». In the lower part there are the fineness and weight (Ag 925/28, 28) and the face value of the coin (10 som). Reverse: the main element of the reverse is the coat of arms placed in the center inside of the image of a stylized eagle. At the top there is a name of the coin in the Kyrgyz language, on a circle there is a national ornament, at the bottom - the year of issue (2013).
A brief annotation The plot of the coin «Great Kyrgyz Khaganate» reflects the period of the formation of the Kyrgyz Khaganate (Empire) and the period of prosperity of the Kyrgyz statehood in the Middle Ages. This is the first coin in the series "The Age of the Kyrgyz Khaganate" totally there will be 10 coins in the series released up to 2019. In 2013 the II International Scientific Conference took place in Bishkek, and it was dedicated to 1170th anniversary of the Great Kyrgyz Khaganate.
Designer Murat K. Sagimbaev
Producer The Kazakhstan Mint

Александр Воропаев
Весьма необычна и интересно выполнена. Чувствуется нестандартность мышления автора.
Николай Чудин
Киргизские монеты радуют оригинальностью
Неплохо, однозначно.
Дмитрий Максимов
Интересно рассказывают историю на своих монетах.
Владимир Борисов
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