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The Gold Chervonets

The only Russian magazine about coins for collections, investments and gifts
The only magazine for numismatists in Russia & CIS

Russian coins are popular all over the world due to their wide variety, rich history and uniqueness. The magazine and its website will help you to find Russian coin dealers owning great collections of coins you are interested in! Perhaps, you instead are willing to sell your amazing coins and you know the audience of Russian coin collectors is really huge.

So let them know about you and your products or services through the only Russian magazine for numismatists – Gold Chervonets, as well as the main numismatic portalwww.gold10.ru where collectors meet, discuss articles and news, plan their numismatic events in Russia and overseas, exchange collecting experience and give their ads.

You have different opportunities to find new coin partners in Russia & CIS by submitting information or ads in the Gold Chervonets Magazine, placing banners on our website, ordering direct emailing, PR and advertising campaign in the Russian web, including social media resources. Always ask about the current special offers!

Please see the Gold Chervonets media-kit with the detailed info about the magazine.

- Retail distribution at press shops (St. Petersburg and Moscow), Russian numismatic shops, antique salons all over Russia
- Numismatic auctions in Russia & CIS, Russian and international coin shows and conferences, financial, jewellery and souvenirs exhibitions in Russia, CIS countries and Europe
- Russian banks and mints
- Private and corporate subscription 


Russian collectors, coin dealers, experts from mints, auction directors, national and commercial banks, auction houses, Russian coin distributors. 

Chief Editor of the Numismatic Portal “Gold10” 
Mr. Oleg Khitalsky - gold10@watermark.ru

Advertising and Subscription Manager,      

International Relations Department  

Ms. Alina Kataeva - alina@watermark.ru

Живописцы и картины на золоте и серебре
О монетах, посвященных живописи и художникам, Gold10.ru рассказывает регулярно. Так, например, в 2020 году вышло сразу несколько монет, посвященных Ван Гогу и Климту. Мы решили сделать отдельный обзор по "живописной" нумизматике.

Актеры мирового кинематографа на монетах
Начиная с 90-х годов прошлого века, когда мир отмечал столетие кинематографа, знаменитые актеры появлялись на реверсах монет разных стран-эмитентов достаточно регулярно, а некоторые и неоднократно.
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