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The Golden Chervonets is a specialized magazine about coins, the coin market and precious metals.

The main goal of the magazine is to increase public interest in commemorative coins as an investment tool, collectibles, as original gifts and souvenirs.

The Golden Chervonets is issued with active cooperation with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Editorial Board of the journal:

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
National Bank of Ukraine
Moscow Mint - branch of GOZNAK JSC
Saint Petersburg Mint - branch of GOZNAK JSC


  • Coin Market News
  • Information about the coins of the Bank of Russia
  • Vintage coins
  • Medal art
  • Reports from Russian and European numismatic exhibitions and auctions
  • Interviews with experts from mints, national banks, numismatic companies
  • Readership

    The magazine unites both experienced and novice collectors, as well as professional participants of the numismatic market, including:

  • mints
  • national banks
  • commercial banks
  • distribution companies of coin products
  • auction houses
  • numismatic salons
  • suppliers of equipment, raw materials and other products for companies in the industry
  • Distribution

    The magazine has subscribers in all regions of Russia, countries of the near and far abroad. "Golden Chervonets" can be purchased at press kiosks, bookstores, numismatic, antique and jewelry salons in major cities of Russia. Every year, the Golden Chervonets participates in the largest Russian and foreign numismatic exhibitions and auctions, as well as events dedicated to souvenirs and collectibles.

    ISSN 2072-7259