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Mickey at the feet of the Iron Lady
Микки у ног железной леди
Presented by
Monnaie de Paris
Nominal value
10 euro
Silver 333°
145 000
Production quality
Monnaie de Paris’ Engraving Workshop
Monnaie de Paris
Description of obverse and reverse
Celebrating the 90th birthday of the most human of all mice, Monnaie de Paris is editing a gold and silver Euros collector coin series named « Mickey & la France».

The famous mouse discovers France and makes polaroid’s of each city, province or region he visits as a souvenir. His trip is displayed over the twenty 10€ Silver coins.

Two Silver 50€ coins and two colourised 50€ Silver coins as well as a 200€ Gold coin complete this collection and show the main moments and activities of Mickeys trip to France.

Paris is honoured through this coin. Mickey is winning a race with an arrival under the Eiffel tower.
A brief annotation
A tribute to Mickey’s 90th anniversary through his journey in France.
New issue
№ 2 (59) 2022
№ 2 (59) 2022
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