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100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence
100-летие восстановления независимости Литвы
Presented by
Lithuanian Mint
Nominal value
5, 10, 20, 50 euro
5 euro – 12,44, 10 euro – 23,30, 20 euro – 28,28, 50 euro – 7,78
5 euro – 32, 10 euro – 49.50, 20 euro – 65, 50 euro – 16
Silver 925° (5, 10, 20 euro), Gold 999° (50 euro)
4 000
Production quality
Liudas Parulskis
Lithuanian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
A set which consists of the following coins: 
- Coin dedicated to Signatories 
- Coin dedicated to Diplomacy 
- Coin dedicated to Armed Forces and Militarized Organizations 
- Coin dedicated to the Legal System. 

The obverse of the coins bears Vytis, the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, inscriptions LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), 1918 VASARIO 16-OJI (16 FEBRUARY 1918), the year of issue (2018) as well as the denomination and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint. 

On the reverse of the 5-euro coin: 1918 03 23 VOKIETIJA PRIPAŽINO LIETUVOS NEPRIKLAUSOMYBĘ (Germany recognised the independence of Lithuania); 1920 07 12 LIETUVOS IR SOVIETŲ RUSIJOS TAIKOS SUTARTIS (the Soviet–Lithuanian peace treaty); 1921 09 22 LIETUVA TAUTŲ SĄJUNGOJE (Lithuania in the league of nations). 

On the reverse of the 10-euro coin: 1918 11 23 LIETUVOS KARIUOMENĖS ĮKŪRIMAS (the establishment of Lithuanian army); 1919 06 27 ŠAULIŲ SĄJUNGOS ĮKŪRIMAS (the establishment of the Lithuanian riflemen’s union); 1918–1920 LIETUVOS NEPRIKLAUSOMYBĖS KOVOS (fights for the independence of Lithuania); 1919 02 10 JIEZNAS; 1919 11 21–22 RADVILIŠKIS; 1920 11 17–21 GIEDRAIČIAI–ŠIRVINTOS. 

On the reverse of the 20-euro coin: 1918 11 02 LIETUVOS VALSTYBĖS KONSTITUCIJOS PAMATINIAI DĖSNIAI (the fundamental laws of the constitution of the state of Lithuania); 1918 11 11 PIRMOJI LIETUVOS VYRIAUSYBĖ (the first government of Lithuania); 1918 12 03 TEISMŲ IR ADVOKATŪROS VEIKLOS PRADŽIA (beginning of the activities of courts and the Lithuanian bar association); 1920 05 15 STEIGIAMASIS SEIMAS (CONSTITUENT SEIMAS); 1922 08 01 LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA (the constitution of the republic of Lithuania). 

On the reverse of the 50-euro coin – facsimile signatures of the signatories to the Act of Independence of Lithuania who signed the historical document of the Council of Lithuania on 16 February 1918, announcing the reestablishment of the State of Lithuania.
A brief annotation
When celebrating the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, we remember its founders and honour signatories, ministers, other politicians, soldiers, the first riflemen, diplomats and lawyers whose efforts contributed to the founding of the Lithuanian state. Statehood, the restoration of which marked a radical turn of our society towards modernity, should be cherished and appreciated to the utmost. It might have slipped our mind that it Mindaugas and expanded by Vytautas the Great to cover the territory of Ukraine, among others, and to reach as far as the shores of the Black Sea, was as if ground to dust after the partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, putting the very existence of our nation at risk. In the next century, however, it rose like a phoenix from the ashes enjoying a renaissance – its expectations found their manifestation in the State of Lithuania that was built on the principles of modernity and restored on February 16. These coins remind us about signatories, diplomats, soldiers and lawyers who led Lithuania along the road to freedom.has only been half of that 100-year period that we were independent. The State of Lithuania, which was created by King.
New issue
№ 2 (59) 2022
№ 2 (59) 2022
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