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The Canadian Coin Collection
Канадская коллекция монет
Presented by
Royal Canadian Mint
Nominal value
250 dollars
Silver 999,9°
Production quality
Ultra High Relief on reverse
Royal Canadian Mint engravers
Royal Canadian Mint
Description of obverse and reverse
The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse features reproductions of more than 35 historical Canadian circulation coins—all in the actual diameters of the originals. The designs featured include all of Canadian artist Alex Colville’s 1967 Canadian Centennial designs; all current Canadian circulation designs, including the 1-cent piece whose production ended in 2012; the 2015 50th anniversary of the Canadian flag 25-cent piece; the legendary Voyageur dollar first released in 1935; each of the major obverses since the Royal Canadian Mint opened in 1908; the Victory Nickel of 1943 to 1945; the Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote dollar, the Canadian Arctic Expedition 25-cent piece; the Canadian Poppy 25-cent piece; the Heroes of 1812 Laura Secord 25-cent piece; the War of 1812 2-dollar coin; the Canadian Conservation Series Wood Bison 25-cent piece; and the Remembrance Day 1994 dollar.
A brief annotation
To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, our Research and Development team developed this unique ultra high relief 1-kilogram silver coin whose reverse reproduces reverses and obverses of Canadian circulation coins released over the last 150 years. Each coin featured on the reverse is represented in actual diameter. A stunning antique finish lends even more depth, detail, and patina to a never seen before.
New issue
№ 2 (59) 2022
№ 2 (59) 2022
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