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RSI «National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan» RSE «Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
Nominal value
100 tenge
Silver 925°
Production quality
Proof, gilding
E. Baikulbaev, A. Bassenov
RSE «Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
Description of obverse and reverse
The coin has irregular shape associated with a horseshoe. Obverse: inscription «100 ТЕҢГЕ» indicating the face value of the coin; inscription «Ag 925 31.1 g» means metal, standard of coinage and weight; inscriptions «ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ» in state language and «NATIONAL BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN» in English edged with a national ornament and an array of dots; on the ends of the stylized horseshoe the logo of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the trademark of the Kazakhstan mint is placed at the top. Reverse: the gilded image of the horseshoe with a spiral in the center in a frame of the "FOR LUCK" inscription in English, «ІСКЕ СӘТ» inscription in state language and «НА СЧАСТЬЕ» inscription in Russian; number «2016» indicating year of coinage.
A brief annotation
The horseshoe is an ancient and well-known talisman that is generally believed to bring good luck, success, and wealth to the house. This belief is widespread among various cultures of the world. It is believed that the heels of the horseshoe have to be upright so that the happiness would not “flow out”.
New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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