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Christmas Battles
Рождественские бои
Presented by
Bank of Latvia
Nominal value
5 euro
Silver 925°
Production quality
Proof, with pad-printing on the obverse
Kristaps Ģelzis (graphic design), Ligita Franckeviča (plaster model).
UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla (Lithuania)
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: a stylised sun from the badge of the Latvian riflemen battalion soldiers with its central field painted red, eight broken sunbeams and a sword on the background of a group of Latvian riflemen; the yeardate 2016, the inscriptions LATVIJA and "5 euro". Reverse: snowflakes and a point of the bullet impact; the inscription ZIEMASSVĒTKU KAUJAS (CHRISTMAS BATTLES).
A brief annotation
To commemorate the heroes of the Christmas Battles (5–11 January 1917 (23–29 December 1916 according to the old style) and their eternal contribution to the future, a collector coin has been struck, immortalising gazes of fearless eyes and wounds inflicted by bullets. In these battles, Latvian riflemen suffered severe casualties, however, the Christmas Battles brought them international fame as fearless warriors. It was a noble sacrifice on the altar of the dream about the would-be State of Latvia. In this sense, sacrifices were not in vain. "He who believes, celebrates victory. March ahead under the Latvian flag for the future of Latvia!"
New issue
№ 2(63) 2023
№ 2(63) 2023
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