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South African Mint Company
Nominal value
No face value
33,93 g
32,69 mm
33,93 g
1500 pcs.
Production quality
Proof quality Frosted and brilliant finishes.
Obverse die-sinker: O Schultz Reverse die-sinker: CL Steynberg
South African Mint Company
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: The bust of Paul Kruger, former president of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek featured together with the words “South Africa” written in English and Afrikaans. Reverse: The prancing springbok, South Africa’s national animal, is depicted together with word Krugerrand and a description of the gold ounces of the coin.
A brief annotation
This iconic legal tender was launched in 1967. It contains one troy ounce of pure gold. In 1980, the fractional Krugerrands – of 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz – were added to this historic coin series. The design on the obverse of each of the four coins dates back to the county’s first circulation coin series introduced in 1892 by the then President of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek, Paul Kruger. The name “Krugerrand” comes from Paul Kruger and the rand, the monetary unit of South Africa, which is associated with the Witwatersrand, “the ridge of white water”, the gold-producing area discovered in 1886. Although Krugerrands are legal tender, they have never recorded a face value. The value of each coin is directly related to the prevailing value of its gold content. Today, Krugerrands are issued as bullion coins and as proof quality collectors’ coins.
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№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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