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Numiartis (Germany)
Nominal value
20 dollars
85,02 g
55 mm
85,02 g
999 pcs.
Production quality
Antique finish, gilding, colored symbol
Numiartis (Germany)
B.H. Mayer (Germany)
Description of obverse and reverse
Obverse: around written name of the series: Egyptian Symbols and name of the symbol ANKH with year of issue. In the middle - mummy of Pharaoh between columns. Below - pyramids with gold symbol of cross ankh. Reverse: On the edge of coin there are Egyptian symbols and inscription “Egyptian symbols”. In the middle there is a view on ancient Egypt (columns, pyramids, statues) - all things are connected with theme of series and take us to the world of pharaohs and mysteries. The main part takes coat of arms from Palau.
A brief annotation
Coin presents one of Egyptian symbols ANKH – cross which represents physical and eternal life. This symbol was using in ancient Egypt, therefore is presented with mummy and pyramids.
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New issue
№1 (58) 2022
№1 (58) 2022
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