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The First World War
Первая мировая война
Presented by
National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Nominal value
20 belorussian rubles
33,63 g
38,61 mm
33,63 g
2000 pcs.
Production quality
Svetlana Nekrasova (Republic of Belarus)
Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Description of obverse and reverse
The coin has a round shape with a raised rim on the front and back sides. The flank of the coin is with notches. The obverse: on the left - the relief image of the State coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus; beneath there is a two-line inscription: “РЭСПУБЛІКА БЕЛАРУСЬ” (The Republic of Belarus) and below - the year of issue; on the right side there is a face value “20 РУБЛЁЎ” (20 rubles) and below – the alloy. Reverse: the coin features an artistic composition: on the right - a fragment of the political map of Belarus of the period of the First World War, with drawn dividing line of borders in correspondence to the result of the Treaty of Riga; on the left there is a three-line inscription: “ПЕРШАЯ СУСВЕТНАЯ ВАЙНА” (The First World War) partially overlapped by a texture of crawling storm clouds, symbolizing the world tragedy.
A brief annotation
The First World War of 1914-1918 has become one of the most bloody and large-scale conflicts in human history. This conflict involved 38 countries, more than 10 million people were killed, and about 20 million people were wounded. At that time, the humanity has never known such losses before. The First World War seized Belarus as well. Since the beginning of 1915, the main forces of Germany had been focused on the Eastern Front, which was rapidly approaching to Belarus. The headquarters of troops of Russian Supreme Commander was moved from Baranovichi to Mogilev. In September 1915, a grouping of German army broke a front near Sventyan, invaded Vileika and approached Maladzechna. In October 1915, the front was stabilized on the line of Dvinsk-Postavy-Smorgon-Baranovichi-Pinsk. From September 1915 till February 1918 a line of Russian-German front was disposed through Smorgon. The city did not surrender to the enemy during 810 days, tens of thousands of soldiers and officers were killed there. During the fighting the city of 16,000 people was actually destroyed. Just about 150 people returned to the city after the war. The First World War began in July 28, 1914, and officially ended in November 11, 1918 with a signing of the First Armistice of Compiègne, that meant surrender of Germany. The armistice came into effect at 11 o'clock in the morning. That is why nowadays November 11 is celebrated worldwide as the Day of the end of the First World War, a Day of Remembrance of the victims and a Day of Reconciliation. There are many monuments dedicated to the memory of the victims of this war In Belarus. In August 2011, a memorial to the soldiers of World War I was opened on the Minsk Bratsk military cemetery, and in July 2014, a memorial to the heroes and victims of World War I was planned to open in Smorgon.
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